What Should I Wear?

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Dress Code

What to Wear to the Races

Racegoers often choose to adopt a smarter style. We recommend, for example, smart jeans or tailored shorts and a collared shirt for gentlemen. Many customers opt to dress for the occasion on feature race days. Our only stipulation is that sporting team shirts and offensive fancy dress are not permitted. 

Our priority at Worcester is making sure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience with us. We would remind all racegoers that race meetings at Worcester are predominantly outdoor events, and that they are mindful of the weather when deciding what to wear.

what to wear

Ladies Day

For feature days such as Ladies Day, dressing smartly is recommended and is something many of our guests opt to do. Some of our feature days also host ‘Best Dressed’ competitions, so you could win prizes for your fashion efforts. Our only stipulation is sporting team shirts and offensive fancy dress are not permitted.

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