Fixed Brush Hurdle Series Returns To Worcester & Southwell


26 April 2018

With two weeks to go until the start of Worcester's 2018 season, which marks the racecourse's 300-year anniversary, Arena Racing Company (“ARC”) is pleased to announce the Fixed Brush Hurdle Series will be returning to Worcester and Southwell Racecourses for 2018.


The series will start on 10 May and be made up of 42 qualifying races ahead of a £30,000 final at Worcester Racecourse on Wednesday 24 October 2018. All races will be run at Classes 4 and 5 except for the £30,000 final which is a Class 2 race.


For 2018 the Final has been boosted by £5,000 and horses will need to finish in the first six in a qualifier to be eligible for the final, as opposed to the first eight as was the case in the inaugural year.


The Fixed Brush Hurdle Series aims to provide new opportunities for as many horses as possible at the grassroots of the sport.


Executive Director of Worcester Racecourse, Jenny Cheshire, said: “We are really pleased that after a successful first year the Fixed Brush Hurdle Series is returning to Worcester and Southwell Racecourses. Both racecourses offer important racing opportunities for horses at the grassroots of the sport and the series is a valuable element of this by allowing the opportunity to qualify for the £30,000 final in October.  We would like to thank 7bets4free for their ongoing support of Worcester and Southwell racecourses and for helping make this series possible.”


Director of Equine Investment Management Limited, owners of, Jon Owen, said: “We are really delighted to once again be sponsoring the Fixed Brush Hurdle Series which we hope will continue to make a valuable contribution to the race programme at Worcester and Southwell Racecourses and is popular with our customers.”


National Hunt Trainer, and winner of the 2017 Fixed Brush Hurdle Series final, Ian Williams said: “We were delighted to take home the big prize last year with Psychedelic Rock and look forward to targeting it again.  This is a great series for summer racing.”


Below is a full list of the races which make up the Fixed Brush Hurdle Series:


DateRace Type (Class)Distance (Mile, Furlong)Total Prize Fund
10 MayMares Novice Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile 4Furlong£4,800
25 MayNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 7Furlong£6,300
25 MayNational Hunt Novice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile£6,300
2 JuneMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 4Furlong£6,300
11 JuneMaiden Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile 4Furlong£4,800
24 JuneConditional Jockeys Mares Novice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile£6,400
24 JuneClaimer Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile 4Furlong£4,800
24 JuneNovice Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile£4,800
27 JuneNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile£6,300
27 JuneMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 4Furlong£6,300
4 JulyNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile£6,600
9 JulyMaiden Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile£4,800
9 JulyNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 4Furlong£6,300
17 JulyMares Maiden Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile£6,300
17 JulyNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 7Furlong£6,300
26 JulyNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile£6,300
26 JulyNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 4Furlong£6,300
31 JulyMaiden Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile£4,800
15 AugustNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 7Furlong£6,300
15 AugustMaiden Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile 4Furlong£4,800
22 AugustMares Maiden Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile 4Furlong£4,800
22 AugustNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile£6,300
22 AugustWFA Claimer Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile 4Furlong£4,800
29 AugustMaiden Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile£4,800
29 AugustJuvenile Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile£6,300
2 SeptemberConditional Jockeys Maiden Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile 7Furlong£4,800
11 SeptemberNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 7Furlong£6,300
11 SeptemberMares Maiden Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile£4,800
17 SeptemberMaiden Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile£5,200
28 SeptemberNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 4 Furlong£6,300
11 OctoberNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 7 Furlong£6,300
11 OctoberNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile£6,300
24 October7bets4free SERIES FINAL Handicap Hurdle (Class 2)2Mile 4Furlong£30,000
15 MayNovice Hurdle (Class 5)2Mile 4Furlong£4,800
23 MayNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 4Furlong£6,300
23 MayMares National Hunt Novice Hurdle (Class 4)1Mile 7Furlong£6,300
5 JuneNational Hunt Maiden Hurdle (Class 5)1Mile 7Furlong£4,800
5 JuneNovice Hurdle (Class 4)1Mile 7Furlong£6,300
12 JuneMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 7Furlong£6,300
12 JuneMaiden Hurdle (Class 4)1Mile 7Furlong£6,300
15 JulyNovice Selling Hurdle (Class 4)1Mile 7Furlong£6,300
15 JulyMares Novice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 4Furlong£6,300
19 AugustMares Novice Hurdle (Class 4)1Mile 7Furlong£6,300
5 SeptemberNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 4Furlong£6,300
5 SeptemberNovice Hurdle (Class 4)2Mile 7 Furlong£6,300

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